The Little Yellow Joint in Cedar Point!



Our Story

The Bogue House is a family owned business that originated in July 2001 from the efforts of my Dad, Jack Jr. and Granddad Jack Sr. Granddad had a silent stake in the business, while Dad operated the business on a daily basis. Their mission was solely focused on providing a delicious meal indicative of Eastern North Carolina cuisine at an affordable price to the people of our community.

Hello my name is Jack (Alex) Gardner, III and I currently run the Bogue House Restaurant in Cedar Point, North Carolina.

My wife and I moved our family to the area in May 2006 from Charlotte, North Carolina to take over the business after Dad expressed to me he was thinking of retiring. After I arrived, Dad showed me the ropes and was glad to pass them over to me within a month of my arrival! He said, “call me if you need me”, and I called quite a bit for the first couple of months and then I realized right or wrong, I had to start depending on my own judgements and let my Dad retire. However, Dad and I still got together from time to time to discuss how things were going and what we could do to improve on things.

Sadly, my Grandad passed in March 2008, and my Dad in May 2012, but they left me with many wonderful memories of life lessons learned and to have a greater appreciation for the small things in life. I don’t have any boys, but I do have 3 girls, and maybe one day one or all of them could be in here running the show. In the meantime, I will continue to grow our business and to remain a strong staple in our community.

My staff and I at the Bogue House continue to set expectations everyday and we are always receptive to what our customers have to say about their experience at the Bogue House. After all, they are the pulse of our business. To me, our customers are the best and most loyal customers “today”, because tomorrow could be a different story if we don’t deliver what they expect. I think that’s what makes us so successful and why we are so well known in our community.

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